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SubjectTCP: **bug**: copy=0 sk->mss=0
>>>>> "Portmaster" == Portmaster Group <> writes:

Portmaster> Hey gang, I got this message on my console
Portmaster> yesterday. About 5 or 10 minutes before this I got a
Portmaster> message such as:

Portmaster> Waiting for 3c509 to discard packet, status 2001

Portmaster> then a little bit later I got:

Portmaster> TCP: **bug**: copy=0 sk->mss=0

Portmaster> I started looking for this problem on the internet and
Portmaster> found someone else who had the same exact message. I
Portmaster> contacted them and they said they never did get a
Portmaster> response. It has been happening to them for several
Portmaster> months, with no apparent ill effects, but we are both
Portmaster> curious as to what the heck it is all about. Any
Portmaster> ideas?

Portmaster> Later Kelley

Portmaster> cc: me on replies, I only get the digest.

I started getting these a couple of weeks ago without any
software/hardware change. A time bomb? A new kind of attack? I have no


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