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SubjectRe: More cluuse, was: Re: Wierd IDE/Triton behavior
>>>>> "tenthumbs" == tenthumbs  <> writes:

tenthumbs> ...
tenthumbs> Luckily, I found out that you can profile a kernel even it if
tenthumbs> wasn't originally compiled with profiling support. (A
tenthumbs> definite feature.) One very obvious difference between a
tenthumbs> slow run and a fast one is that shrink_specific_buffers is
tenthumbs> called 6970 times in a slow run but *never* in a fast one.

tenthumbs> I know nothing about Linux memory management, but it appears
tenthumbs> that there are certain initial conditions that can cause big
tenthumbs> performance hits.


could you please write a README how you did profiling on a kernel not
compiled for profiling? I think, this can be usefull for others to, and
could perhaps be added to the Linux-documentation directory.


Uwe Bonnes

Institut fuer Kernphysik Schlossgartenstrasse 9 64289 Darmstadt
--------- Tel. 06151 162516 -------- Fax. 06151 164321 ----------

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