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SubjectRe: Since no one else has stepped forward: 'ZeroD' patch
On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, David S. Miller wrote:

> If this is truly idle time in which zerod is running, and as you
> mention you have the 256byte caches, anyone doing quick sleeps and the
> processing for the device driver performing the "event" it is waiting
> for is going to blow the tasks resident set anyways (I see this on
> MicroSparc's with 4k data caches as well, any sleep loses your
> resident set in the cache completely no matter how small the data
> being touched by the processing is for the sleep nor how short the
> time you go to sleep is)

A little question, that is related to this topic:
How do I benchmark the kernel, i.e. the effects of the zerod-patch ?
Should people check the effects of the patch on different systems
(i3/4/586, sparc, m68 ...) ?

> David S. Miller, /_____________/ / // /_/ ><

- Sebastian Benoit Save the planet !

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