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SubjectBUG: Apache/Stronghold and Linux 2.0.X
Many peoples have reported problems running Apache 1.1.1 (latest non-beta 
version) and Stronghold 1.3.2 (latest non-beta version) under Linux 2.0.x.
I'm one of these persons, and I believe that Linux is the culprit. So I
experimented a bit, and here are my results. But first, the facts:

Here's my primary server:
Pentium 133, with Intel 430FX
64 Megs RAM
Adaptec 2940 with 1gig Hard drive and tape backup
NE2000 compatible network card
Linux 2.0.0

And my development workstation:
PentiumPRO 200
48 megs RAM
Adaptec 2940UW with 2 gigs Hard drive
Kingston network card (DEC 21041)
Linux 2.0.27

That's the starting configuration. Both works perfectly with Stronghold

Now, I wanted to upgrade the server to 2.0.27 to fix various security
problems (mostly the ping of death). After upgrading, stronghold gave
problems: The web browser would successfully pull the 4 first files for
each page then wait for a long time for the fifth then fail. My Netscape
is configured to open 4 simultaneous connections - I don't know if
there's a connection between those values as I haven't experimented.
So I decided to upgrade kernel by kernel to see where the problem arized.
I did not exactly try all the kernels between 2.0.0 and 2.0.27, but I did
a binary search, trying 2.0.0, then 2.0.14, then 2.0.20, then 2.0.24.
All of these worked, compiled with the same options.
Then 2.0.25 didn't work. So I applied manually all the diffs included in
patch-2.0.25 to see which one broke stronghold, and I found the one
included at the end of this message. Now since I'm no network guru, I
have no idea what to do now, except post this here...

Please note the following :
- Stronghold works with linux-2.0.27 on my workstation which is not so
dissimilar to my server, except the processing power, so this MAY be a
kind of race condition.
- I have not tried 2.0.26
- both computers have the same compiler, libraries, etc...
- The workstation runs X11, not the server
- The problem shows up reliably, even just after bootup, with minimal load.

I am willing to do some further testing if deemed appropriate by any
kernel guru.

I hope this bug report is complete enough, please contact me if more info
is needed.

Christophe Dupre Universite de Montreal
Montreal, Qc, Canada
"Nous ne sommes pas libres de ne pas etre libres, nous sommes obliges de
l'etre" - Fernando Savater

Version: 3.12
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