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SubjectRe: 2.1.20 kernel problems...

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997 wrote:

> Hi,
> Somehow i've gotten myself in a corner with the new 2.1.20 kernel
> source and can't seem to compile it. I have a couple questions:
> 1. What are the *.ver files in the include/modules directory? I
> don't seem to have them for 2.1.20. What creates them and where to i
> find them. I copied the *.ver files (reluctantly) from the 2.0.18 source and
> got a bit further....but several modules are not compiling properly.
> 2. Also insmod 2.1.13 won't compile either. is there a patch?

Kernel modules were broke in 2.1.19 and the only temp compilation fix was
to not include the option for mod_versions. I just talked to Linus (at
USENIX) and he told me that he has the patch to fix this and a few other
things. Of course that means he is also here in Anaheim and therefore,
it will be a few days before 2.1.21 is going to be released.

Mike Wangsmo

<<Sorry, the rest of my .sig is not here, my computer at home with 2.1.20
appears to have lost it's network connection (or God forbid, CRASHED) and
is not online.>>

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