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I am hoping someone could help me find out some stuff about apm with
linux. I have a desktop system that spends a lot of time with the cpu
idle, and i'm interested in getting apm setup to save some power
during these times. I have a supermicro motherboard with ami bios
that supports apm, but I'm not sure which of the several options in
the kernel to enable and which of the several options in the bios to
enable to get the desired effect.

I did get apm to function, but it wasn't the way i wanted. I set an
inactivity timeout in the bios and after that period of time, the cpu
did indeed downshift. *However*, when the cpu became non-inactive,
the bios did not speed the cpu up. Apparently, the bios was simply
monitoring things like key presses to determine inactivity. I would
like to set it up so that the kernel decides when it is inactive and
when it is not. That way, when left unattended, the cpu could slow
down and speed up according to cpu demand (since there is a great deal
of unattended activity) and not simply user interaction at the

This type of setup may not be possible. The ami bios documentation is
very terse and I find even less documentation for the linux side.

Can anyone help me?


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