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SubjectRE: z-Re: Memory deallocation problems
Um, nope, you're wrong.  The VX chipset will NOT cache more than 64MB.

Okay, here is the REAL chipset poop, once and for all!
Intel 430HX Intel 430VX VIA Apollo VP-1/VP-2
Max. Cache 512KB 512KB 2048KB
DRAM Cacheablity 64 or 512MB 64MB 64 or 512MB
EDO Read Timings 4222/5222 5222/6222 4222/5222
(60/66 mhz)
CPU Write buffer 8QW w/merge 4QW 16QW w/merge
SDRAM support no yes yes

From: on Thu, Jan 9, 1997 11:12 PM
Subject: z-Re: Memory deallocation problems

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Jake (not the snake) Messinger wrote:

> And one other thing. I have 96 megs on a triton II board witht he intel
> 430vx chipset. SOmeone on #linux said it wont cache past 64megs. First of
> all, is that true, 2nd what exactly did he mean, 3rd, should I be
> concerned with it, 4th, is there a better motherboard I should get?

Don't believe everything you read on IRC. He was thinking Triton I.
Triton II will happily cache lots more than 64mb if you have enough tag.
On a Tomcat I|II|III (popular Triton II board), you can cache up to 64mb
by default, or 512mb if you buy/install an extra tag chip.

If you had 96mb on a Triton I, the last 1/3 of your RAM would not be
cached, and if you actually used that RAM, things would possibly slow

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