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SubjectRe: Wierd IDE/Triton behavior
>>>>> "Benson" == Benson L Chow <> writes:

Benson> This probably isn't exactly a kernel problem, since I had drives
Benson> that work fin ewith the current linux IDE/Triton driver.
Benson> However, I have a IBM DAQA32160 drive that is getting strange
Benson> timing results with hdparm(8). In MSDOS/Win95 I get around the
Benson> expected 6MB/sec transfer rate. However, under Linux I can get
Benson> anywhere from 1.8MB/sec to 3.5MB/sec. with hdparm. Dumping with
Benson> dd direct from disk to /dev/null gives similar results. What's
Benson> strange is the other drives I've had (that supports mode3 only)
Benson> can get consistent 3.1MB/sec though it's clearly a older, slower
Benson> drive (Maxtor 7850). This clearly points to a possible problem
Benson> with the drive itself but apparently other IBM DAQA31260's are
Benson> also implemented this way. I'm just wondering if anyone has
Benson> seen something like this happen on their drives.

Benson> ...

Benson> Under linux: IBM DAQA gets random 1.6MB/sec to 6 MB/sec, average
Benson> 2 MB/sec Maxtor gets about the same as windoze... 3.1 MB/sec
Benson> consistently

Benson> ...

Benson> Thanks for any suggestions, and/or anyone who gets similar
Benson> results. - -bc

With 2.0.27 and 2,0,26, I have similar changing and slow results on a
different Gigabyte ATEP and Gigabyte HX boards. Some times ago, with tests,
I had consistant test with high speed.

I have some older kernels down to bzimage2.011 floating around and hope to
test them for their behaviour.

Uwe Bonnes

Institut fuer Kernphysik Schlossgartenstrasse 9 64289 Darmstadt
--------- Tel. 06151 162516 -------- Fax. 06151 164321 ----------

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