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SubjectRe: to beep or not to beep...

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Steffen Grunewald wrote:

> "Andrew E. Mileski writes"
> |>
> |> > echo -ne '\033[11;0]' sets bell duration to 0 milliseconds on a text
> |> > console. You need to reissue that command after any console reset and
> |> > for each text console you have active. xterm has -vb, other X
> |> > applications may have to be done separately. The man page for
> |> > console-ioctl lists a couple of ioctls for beep, never tried them.
> |>
> |> Or wire your PC speaker through the unused TURBO switch.
> |>
> Even better: use the keyboard lock.

I didn't want to go deeper in this topic but I've got many replies
advising hardware solutions. It would be easy to find out myself, but
that's not my machine and it would make the owner angry if I open his
machine. So I'm interested in software solutions only :)


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