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SubjectRe: /proc tunable speaker
Aaron Tiensivu Wrote ...
> Real simple and to the point.. enable/disable speaker output
> Against 2.1.15 but should work in 2.1.20 too.
> echo 0 >/proc/sys/kernel/speaker
> Turns off speaker.
> Anything above 0 turns it on.

A nice quick way of turning it on and off. BUT the VT's already support
tunable bells so sending

(NB those codes are worked out based on me manually tracing through the
code in console.c . I think I got it right)

Will set the bell pitch to X and the duration to Y (0 sets to default). So
you can switch all the bells off with a little script that sends 0 for X or
Y to each of the vc's in turn. I admit, that's a bit annoying and it does
lose some state but it is an alternative.

Your way will maintain the settings and works across all VC's.

I think there might be a setterm program around that does those escapes for
you. (anybody know where it lives if it exists?)

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