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SubjectRe: irq.h/ppp
I'm sending this to the list because I make a comment below that should
really belong in a seperate post. ;)

> During my use of linux-2.0.14, a utility came out across the net called irqtune. I'm
> sure you all saw the posts. Well maybe I started all this by reposting it and praising
> the increased ppp performance. In reply, Linus, et. al. came out with a series of patches
> that changed irq.h throughout the subsequent versions. Now, in kernel 2.0.18, my ppp is
> worse than it has ever been, even _with_ the irqtune utility. But, I can't completely go
> back to 2.0.14 because some other things were broken.

My PPP performance reeks during FTP or any kind of bandwidth-consuming task.
It's been like this since version 1.x. Maybe my math is screwed up here, but
if I have a telnet session and an ftp session running, and the FTP session
sucks all the bandwidth it can find, and I have an MTU of, say, 1006, and
I'm getting a transfer rate of at least 1.1k/sec. net, why would it take any
more than one second to transfer data destined for another socket? Dropping
the MTU to 552 or 296 doesn't seem to help much. Other folks have said this
isn't a problem in Windoze 95, but I don't run it so I can't check myself.

> Here is my solution, I'm going back to the 2.0.14 irq.h in my 2.0.18 kernel, if anyone else
> chooses to do so, below is the patch to do it so you don't have to re-download the entire
> sources to get one file. (as I just did).
> Any comments/suggestions/flames/death threats welcome...

Did you forget the patch? ;)

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