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SubjectSCSI Problems!
Im having some scsi problems I never had before I went to the 2.* kernels.

I am using an ncr 810 DTC card. Its worked fine. I upgraded to the 2.*
kernel AND I enabled disconnects so that when my HP35480 tape drive did a
backup, it wouldnt slow down the CONNER 1060S drive.

BTW, I DID upgrade the firmware in the Conner with teh BARUNIX.

Okay, so NOW I am getting sda failures, The drive goes offline now.

I wonder, is the drive spinning down automatically like the Seagates? I
cant do an hdparm -Z to a scsi device. Its not supported.

Should I perhaps disable disconnects?

I also have it always negotiate sync xfers and always 10 MHz xfer rate,
but that is the same as before.


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Advanced Medical Systems, Inc. 800-324-8594
Houston, Texas


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