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SubjectRe: Conner 1060S (was "more NCR53c8xx ext2 problems") (Lindsay Haisley) writes:

>>Uhm, this triggers something in my mind: Is ist a Conner CFP 1060S ?
>>That drive was delivered with a bug in it's caching algorithm that
>>manifested mainly with Linux (and especially with e2fsck). My
>>CFP1060S had that symptom but works fine since I downloaded some
>>new firmware to the drive. (Depending on the ROM version the upgrade
>>can be done in Software only on a PC that has the ASPI interface ...)


>HAH!!!! I struggled with exactly this bug some months ago on my Conner
>1060S and had no idea whatsoever what the problem was. My swap partition is
>still on the 1060S but seems to cause no problems. I asked everyone I could
>think of, posted to comp.os.linux, etc., all to no avail. I'm very glad to
>see an analysis of the problem and to know it isn't an odd Linux bug or a
>user configuration error. Thanks!! :-)))

Conner provided me with a firmware upgrade disk. The new firware
could by applied to the drive at any PC that has MS-DOS and ASPI drivers.

I don't know Conner's tech support address in the US, but in Europe you
can contact:

Fax for Tech Support: +44-1294-315262
Mailbox: +44-1294-315265
FaxBack: +44-1294-315205


Conner Peripherals (UK) Ltd.
European Technical Support
1 Cockburn Place
Riverside Business Park
Oldhall West
Irvine KA11 5DA
Scotland, UK

When you write a letter to them you have to give them a fax number, since
they don't answer by letter, just by fax or by phone.


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