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SubjectRe: Fork bomb.
> Has anyone thought of a way to possibly put a limit on the amount of
> resources to alow anyone process. For example the following code is a
> common fork bomb used by people to cause systems to crash. When ran on
> this system it crashs the kernel within seconds and even after its killed
> I have waited an hour, and the harddrive was still spinning :). There has
> to be a way to prevent something like this from causeing such a problem.
> main()
> { int *root; while(1) { root=(int *)malloc(10000);
> fork(); } }

You are gonna get mail-bombed for posting has been asked
so many times that some people will throw a tantrum seeing it yet
again. Luckily, I'm in a good mood this morning :-)

The answer: configure your system properly :-)

Read the 'man' pages for the shells you use. All of them have
a way of limiting resources - usually by adding a 'ulimit -Hu 25'
to /etc/profile (to set a HARD limit of 25 processes/user).

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Project Leader
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