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Subjectclock -w erases CMOS time

Since I recompiled my 2.0.16 kernel, a clock -w erases my CMOS time.
When I do a clock -r after it, it answers a date in 2031 and when I
reboot, there's an error that tells me my CMOS time isn't set :

[root:1] voodoo:~>date
Mon Sep 9 12:02:23 MET DST 1996
[root:1] voodoo:~>date
Mon Sep 9 12:02:27 MET DST 1996
[root:1] voodoo:~>clock -w
[root:1] voodoo:~>clock -r
Sat Apr 12 22:47:07 2031

then, when I reboot :

CMOS Date/Time Not Set
Press F1 to Resume

It appeared when I suppressed the nfs module and included it in the
kernel. There is no obvious link but that's what happened.

My motherboard is a Supero Pentium P55 CMS, with an AMI BIOS.

Does anyone know something about this ?

Thank you.

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| IRC : Bartman | WWW : |

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