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SubjectRe: Pageable memory from kernel-mode?

> I just looked around in the kernel for ways to allocate pageable memory in
> kernel space. Is this possible? I know this should be a bit more difficult
> to use, because processes might sleep any time accessing the memory, but I
> need lots of memory with no strict timing in kernel mode, so paging would
> not be a problem for this application.

Its not currently possible. We have two services which effectively do this
by communicating with a back end user space program and keeping a cache of
results (mrouted for multicast routing, and arpd for ARP on very big switched

:-((. I would like to have much memory to work around a Windows 95 bug in
smbfs. Or, do you think it is possible to vmalloc about 64k temporarily
during a readdir call? I need it because I want to get a complete directory
in one big chunk. Windows 95 can not split the readdir call, and I want to
be prepared for very large directories.


Volker Lendecke <>
For my PGP public key, finger my email address.

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