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SubjectIPX network number collision
     Apologies if this is not the right list.

I've recently started using IPX in a 2.0.14 kernel. I've read right
through the HOWTO, and can't find any mention of this.

The problem is I keep getting the kernel message:

: IPX: Network number collision 2
: eth0 802.3 and eth0 EtherII

IPX is compiled as a module, with CONFIG_IPX_INTERN not set at all.
My /proc looks like this:

pc1:/var/log> cat /proc/net/ipx_interface
Network Node_Address Primary Device Frame_Type
00000002 00608CE8B797 Yes eth0 802.3
00000007 00608CE8B797 No eth0 802.2
00000000 00608CE8B797 No eth0 EtherII
pc1:/var/log> cat /proc/net/ipx_route
Network Router_Net Router_Node
00000007 Directly Connected
00000002 Directly Connected

I am not running as a file server (or client), in fact I am just using
IPX to print to a Netware servers Printer (This works fine). So I have
no connections up at all, and I *still* get these messages. As far as
I know the network here uses 802.3.

Its not fatal, but my /var/log/messages is getting pretty big...

Any suggestions? Or is there a Linux-IPX mailing list I should address
this to?

While I'm at it, I'm trying to set the box up as a Netware file
server. I've tried the "mars_nwe" package with little success, and I
was going to have a crack at the lwared one. However, this requires a
custom patch against an early 1.3.xx kernel to be applied, which I
don't know much about. Has anyone got this working with 2.0.xx ?? (Or
can point me to more docs for mars_nwe *in english*?)


Cheers... Mike

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