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SubjectMissing PCI device IDs
I've already mentioned it before, there are two new Intel chips 
(latest Intel Triton chipset) which the kernel does not know.

They are

Who knows what they are? Also, one of these reports a class that the
kernel does not know. The kernel is not able to display the numeric
value of the class. I'll add a quick and dirty and untested patch to
at least show the number the kernel does not know about. Excuse for
not having tested it, but it was already too late at night.

I think the functions mapping PCI magic numbers to text strings
should report back their success to the calling program. Maybe just
return a NULL pointer instead of "Unknown ..."? Then the calling
program can output the "unknown ..." message and the corresponding
magic number (I'm talking about drivers/pci/pci.c)...

Ulrich Windl
--- /usr/src/linux-2.0.14/drivers/pci/pci.c Wed Aug 28 22:12:32 1996
+++ /tmp/pci.c Thu Sep 5 23:52:13 1996
@@ -435,7 +435,12 @@
case PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_SSA: return "SSA";
case PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_FIBER: return "Fiber Channel";

- default: return "Unknown class";
+ default: { /* Ugly and dirty hack to get the unknown number */
+ static char unknown[] = "Unknown class (0xXXXX)";
+ sprintf(unknown, "Unknown class (0x%04x)", class >> 8);
+ return unknown;
+ }
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