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SubjectRe: patch-2.0.1[67] kills automount daemon (Berkeley amd)

automounting mail is pretty silly IMHO..... this is how you get
stale NFS file handles..... and god knows what NFS wants to do with them


On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Systemkennung Linux wrote:

> > > I'm going to release a 2.0.18 reasonably soon, but in the meantime I'd like
> > > to know if this small fix fixes the NFS problems.. Now that the kernel
> > > mailing list seems to work well again, maybe we can use it for what it was
> > > meant for.
> >
> > Master,
> >
> > it seems to work. I had no more hangs with amd, but I could not
> > deterministically force a hang before, therefore "seems". But I've tried
> > hard (with run-parts /etc/cron.daily, this used to hang the automounter).
> A very reliable way to hang amd is to use elm for reading mail on
> a automounted /var/spool/mail/. Start elm, then let it sit around
> idle for some time. Amd then tried to unmount the fs and NFS hangs.
> Ralf

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