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SubjectRe: patch-2.0.1[67] kills automount daemon (Berkeley amd)
> > I'm going to release a 2.0.18 reasonably soon, but in the meantime I'd like
> > to know if this small fix fixes the NFS problems.. Now that the kernel
> > mailing list seems to work well again, maybe we can use it for what it was
> > meant for.
> Master,
> it seems to work. I had no more hangs with amd, but I could not
> deterministically force a hang before, therefore "seems". But I've tried
> hard (with run-parts /etc/cron.daily, this used to hang the automounter).

A very reliable way to hang amd is to use elm for reading mail on
a automounted /var/spool/mail/. Start elm, then let it sit around
idle for some time. Amd then tried to unmount the fs and NFS hangs.


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