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SubjectRe: some question about the patches

On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Stergiou Dimitris wrote:

> hi fellows linuxers,
> i have the following question. lets say i download the kernel
> 2.0.4 in its "full" source (talkin about 5.9 MB). lets say i install the
> kernel. now the question. if i decide to go to kernel 2.0.10 lets say but
> not downloading it completely but going through patches what is the
> correct way to do it?
> a) install the patch for 2.10.0 at once?
> or
> b) install patch 2.0.5 , then 2.0.6 then 2.0.7 and so on untill i get to
> 2.0.10?
> plz send some answer cause i am ready to do some upgrading and i would
> like to do it right
> thanks in advance

only b) is correct. Otherwise you'll have an incomplete source and patch
will sometimes fail. Patches are written to be appended to the full source
of the last release. If ya upgrade 2.0.4 with patch for 2.0.5 you get the
full source 2.0.5 but if ya upgrade 2.0.4. with the patch 2.0.10 i dunno
what you's not determined i guess.

> > Hermes >
> Jimmy Z. Stergiou

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