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SubjectRe: Abuse breaks under .21
>  Abuse (console) loads, does its intro (sound works), but it seems out of
> sync, the sound fx are ahead of the screens, it skips the usual intro (doesn't
> do that under 2.0.0), and hangs just where it should pop up the menu..
> Just thought you'd like to know, and if someone else is having this trouble,
> or has any clues for me, lemme know :)

I have the same problem. Also running 2.0.21

#!/usr/bin/perl -i\$q='$q',\$p='$p';eval\$q.\$\^I\n"# #
$q='print"$p$^I\n',$p='#!/usr/bin/perl -i';eval$q.$^I # Joey Hess
"true - do nothing, successfully" - - true (1)

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