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SubjectRe: Please Advise: SCSI vs. IDE (fwd)
T.Hedge wrote:
+> Linus Torvalds wrote:
+> Personally, if I bought a SCSI card, I'd buy one of the supported PCI
+> BusLogic cards.
+> Linus

T.Hedge wrote:
+> Well;
+> I am one of those idiots that was ignorant (and broke) enough
+> to buy a motherboard with the UM888BF chipsets (PCI/VLB). I have
+> only been able to confirm one problem with writes from SCSI to IDE.

OK. It seems you suffered from some brokem PCI-Bridge-Chip, not from SCSI !

+> That was with a 2940UW. This was fatal to the controller in the
+> fact that it continued to corrupt data from the first time he tried
+> it (with a 2+ meg file). I ordered a Buslogic 948C and hope this
+> does not happen to me before I have the money to buy a new board.

I don't know, wether the Buslogic will do any better, when the problem
is in the PCI-Bridge-Chip ?!

+> Does any of the PCI Bridge fixes have any affect on this chip? Will
+> any of the future kernels address this problem?

I've had meanwhile 3 486-Boards with VIP (VESA, ISA & PCI) - I also
had the whole time SCSI-Host-Adapters ( It's been all the time
an NCR 825S and an AHA2940W ). And I never had any troubles with them!
(Except with the last Board, from SOYO. It's a 4SAW2. It supports only
SDMS 3.06 (from 1993 !!! - And the board is brand new!) and alway make
some funny things with my NCR. I have upgraded the BIOS of the NCR
to SDMS 4.x, but the 4.x Driver for Win 3.11 for example claims, that
it won't support such an old SDMS-Version. So I can't have 32-bit
under Win 3.11. - But- I mostly use Linux, anyway! :-)))))))))

But with these 2 SCSI-Controllers in the same system, you will always have
some wild *FUN* ;)

This is obvious when I install a new (complete) Distribution.

It works mostly the following way: I boot my machine under DOS and start
the installation-Tool from CD. The boot-disk and the CD-ROM are
connected to the NCR. So the newly booted Linux accepts them as /dev/sda1
and the CD-ROM is always OK [No need to mention further]. I apply
the new distribution to one Partition at the Adaptec, which is known
then as "/dev/sdc1" (/dev/sdb is at the NCR, too).

The Installationtool creates a "/etc/fstab" with these settings.
- But when I try to boot Linux anew (loadlin...), Linux claims that
the Disk at the Adaptec is "/dev/sda1" - Can you imagine how much fun
I have, when I forget to fix the fstab, before rebooting ? - Especially,
when you have (as I have) 4 disks and 2 or more swap-Partitions
on different disks with different partition-Numbers ? X-[
- Yes, you could call it "Eraserhead" ;-] or "Russian Roulette".

+> Tim Hedges

Herbert Wengatz, 81375 Munich |Disclaim: This Mail is my own opinion,
Office |not that of my company. |
--- "Excellence is a moving target." ---

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