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SubjectCDU31A Problems: Read error 0x33

I've problems with the cdu31a driver in the 2.0.x kernels.
When I'm installing somer big from the CD-ROM (Slackware 3.1, Moo-teeh,...)
I have intermitent errors:
CDU31A : Read error : 0x33
I don't have this problems with other versions of slackware, indeed
I compile Linux 1.3.42 and then all was right.

I have an Slackware 3.1 from September 1996 nfomagic CD.
I think that the error is:
#define SONY_BLOCK_SYNC_ERR 0x33
but I dont find what means.

I make an diff between the cdu31a.c from linux2.0.20 and linux 1.3.42
but the differences was very small.
I somebody can hekp me ( with the solution or an advice where to search)
I would be happy.

Regards, Juan.

PS. PArdon for my bad English.

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