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SubjectRe: Problem in compiling kernel
On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

> I thought you had to use gcc 2.7.2 to compile the 1.3.x kernels and beyond
> (at least as of some particular 1.3.x release). This was about the time the
> dev teams "abandoned" a.out for ELF in the "official" releases. I don't
> remember the reasons why, but an optimization bug in gcc would seem to be the
> most likely reason (either the optimizer seg faults like you are reporting,

I'm running 2.0.(4|10|16|18|21) compiled with GCC 2.6.3 on totally a.out
systems with libc 4.7.6. A dozen systmes can't all be flukes.

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