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SubjectRe: Plea: re-indent the kernel source
Anno Domini 28 Sep 96 at 9:14, Marty Leisner wrote:
> In message <>, you w
> rite:
> >And, yes, the Great Implementor made tab stops every 8 characters, but 8 is
> >just TOO BIG for indentation. Your point about limiting nesting level to
> I like we use tabs or spaces?
> I agree a uniform indenting is helpful...I also think chopping lines to
> 80 characters is useful (especially these /*************************/ lines)

Having indentation of 8 spaces is plain waste of screen area.
Indentation of 2 or 4 is more appropiate.
Also having indentation of 8 _and_ trying to keep linelenghts < 80 is
Printing the Source with current excessive indentation is quite
Apparently the Great White Leader uses _only_ X with _wide_ window
and has access to fine wide lineprinters.
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