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SubjectFTape and floppy driver conflict
Hallo Warner!

Quoting Message by Warner Losh to Simon Giesecke:

WL> In message <> Simon
WL> Giesecke writes:
WL> : screen was full with "Kernel NULL pointer dereference" messages,
WL> : then the system completely hung. There were no messages in the
WL> : syslog besides a "cannot get IRQ 6" from the floppy module. BTW,
WL> : both the ftape and floppy driver were compiled as modules.

WL> You cannot use the floppy tape and disk drives at the same time due to
WL> hardware shortcomings. However, the kernel should lock the other out
WL> while it is accessing one of these so that this sort of thing won't
WL> happen.

Yes, that is exactly the problem. Of course I do know that one cannot use the
ftape and floppy drivers simultaneously but they should tell me about the
conflict and not simply crash the system.


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