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SubjectRe: Money (was Re: test version of 2.1.0 available (fwd))
On 1996-09-26T14:47:45, (Matti E Aarnio) said:

While I in no way oppose the idea of "Make Linus not only famous, but rich
too" I sadly fail to see the relevance to the kernel development mailing

Could we please move it off the list now?

PS: I just can't resist the idea that Linus would surely appreciate having a
pet penguin. You know, one of those which look like they either just ...
or stuffed on hering. Something cuddly. Charging at him in excess of 60
mph, burping when being cuddled... ;-)
I bet he wouldn't mind if you paid for _that_.

PPS: I couldn't resist.

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