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SubjectRe: pre-release2.1.0
On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Russell Berry wrote:

> The first part of the messages describes that I applied pre-patch2.1.0#4,
> compiled it and rebooted. Then the machine just goes into a reboot loop.
> Not errors, nothing, just loadlin starts and the machine reboots, and I
> do have the new loadlin, and I'm using bzImage.

1. bzImage is broken in pre-patch2.1.0#4, wait for pre-patch2.1.0#5 :)
or try zImage.

2. Check your 'objdump', it also may be broken. If the size of
arch/i386/boot/compressed/bvmlinux.out is _way_ too small (should be
about the size of bvmlinux), then you have this case.


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