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    SubjectRe: The elves are coming
    From wrote:
    > It is only the kernel that is ELF only, you can still be 100% a.out in
    > userland if you like. Linus is changing how the kernel is loaded and this
    > is very much dependant on the binary format, trying to keep the old
    > a.out kernel is just asking for bugs to leak in.

    I disagree. It is my experience that making sure your code runs in
    slightly different environments is a way of eliminating bugs (that
    don't show up on one environment or the other). But I would agree
    that there is no future in a.out and it should be dropped for that

    I am still very concerned that te 2.0 kernel is showing up many bugs
    and that support is shifting to 2.1. I feel no temptation to change from
    my present 2.0.0 up to 2.0.21 or thereabouts because it doesn't seem to
    buy my users anything other than different bugs. I might as well gather
    more data on the kernel I have.

    (Actually I feel that 1.3.90 was where I felt happiest in the kernel
    development series, all in all... after that a series of major changes
    broke lots of things one after the other. I am just upgrading a
    portable that got left with a 1.3.90 kernel and it is #%$@ to fix the
    things I need so that they work after the upgrade).

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