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SubjectRe: test version of 2.1.0 available (fwd)
> > Go ahead and put me down for AT LEAST $1.  Just give me an address and 
> > the exchange info and I'll be more than happy to support whatever
> > fiendish pleasure you may partake in, that would not be considered
> > job!" :)
> I agree. We should all be such excellent programmers that we should be
> able to write our own OSes, but since we can't, we should try to
> guys lik Linus who can. Put me down for $20, it's worth at least that
> much...
Not to take anything away from Linus, but Linux is at the point it's at
right now because of the efforts of a large number of people. I wouldn't
even want to begin mentioning names at the risk I might leave one out, but
what would Linux be without the kernel hackers, driver developers, and
document writers scattered throughout the world, plus the distribution
maintainers and GNU. If you're going to be sending dollar bills to Linus
(what's the exchange rate??), you might want to look through the CREDITS
file and get some change ready.


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