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SubjectRe: test version of 2.1.0 available (fwd)
In article <527537$>, (Tim 'pass the Prozac' Sailer) writes:
> Where is an address to send $$ to for Linus?
> Tim

I second that. I feel a little guilty using Linus' software and not
paying anything for it. I mean, the OS didn't just appear out of thin
air. If nothing more than a few bucks to say thank you ... sort of a
gratuity. It would make me feel better if I could somehow do this.
If not a donation to Linus' efforts (maybe he could get more hardware
to test more things with), maybe a donation in Linus' name to Linux

George Bonser --
I would rather have an insincere person telling me nice things than have a
sincere person telling me the truth.--Brenda (Rhoda's sister)

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