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Subject[off-topic] unsolited mailings...
Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Dr Eberhard W Lisse:
> > can one not maybe write little script that you filter the unsolicitated
> > message through which then figures out the postmaster concerned and
> > writes them a message to seize and desist :-)-O
> This is in general impossible, given that it is possible to hide
> the sender almost completely.
> See signature for my solution to junkmail, and preferably move
> discussion away from the development lists.

1) is there a mailing list for discussing this
(or where to discuss this)

2) a suggestion :

we could require use of pgp and send only encrypted mail
to subscribers. We would produce a message
readable by everyone on the list (possible with pgp...
dunno how much time it would take to encrypt a 4kB
mail for ... 1000 recipients (realistic?))

we could also require all incoming mails to be signed,
and use some kind of trusted key server... ran by linux's

to avoid junkmailers digging into archives, looking for
email addresses, we have to keep addresses secret

oooops... I just thought about one thing : there may be
remailers, decrypting the mailing list and forwarding
it unencrypted...

any comment ?


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