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SubjectFTape and floppy driver conflict

I have found a severe conflict between the ftape and floppy drivers (I'm
currently using kernel 2.0.20).
My streamer (Reveal TB1400) is connected to my normal floppy controller
(onboard on Asus TP4N). While I was restoring a tape backup I tried to make a
simple "cat /dev/fd0" and my screen was filled with kernel Panics as I think,
but I do not exactly know, since they scrolled away too fast and at the end the
screen was full with "Kernel NULL pointer dereference" messages, then the
system completely hung. There were no messages in the syslog besides a "cannot
get IRQ 6" from the floppy module. BTW, both the ftape and floppy driver were
compiled as modules.


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