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SubjectRe: Ooooh that nfsd ...
In article <> you wrote:
: My friend and I were looking at the same file on my Linux box. He used
: vi and I used pico ... I was logged in directly and he was nfs-mounted
: onto my HDD ... he saved the file and I exited pico w/out saving ... the
: we tried to execute it and got the following?
: bash: ./filename : Text file is busy

This is OLD. I repeat OLD, and has been hashed out so many times.

When unfsd reads or writes a file, it has to open it. For performance
reasons, the file handle is kept for several seconds, so that it doesn't
have to open/close the file perpetually for each new request. After a few
seconds of inactivity, the file is closed.

As I'm sure you know, the kernel will refuse to execute any binary or script
that is still open for reading/writing.

: We renamed the filename and then ran it and it ran OK ... my guess
: this is NFS related.

The rename operation didn't help a bit. The thing is, it took you a couple
of seconds to rename the file, which was long enough for nfsd to close the
file descriptor.

Olaf Kirch | NAK NAK NAKing on heaven's door... | Slowhand

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