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SubjectRe: Processes hanging on 2.0.20; not just on Alphas anymore :(
> I think you should have frozen development in 2.0 on features who
> cannot reach production quality on it. I am as eager as everyone in
> getting SMP but this has broken 2.0 in at least one occasion and will
> be usable (that is robust and fast) only in 2.1. IMHO these parts

SMP is robust and fast for somekinds of jobs already, and robust and not
fast enough on others. Nothing has happend with SMP of note since 1.3.8x.
For 2.1 it will start to happen again providing we can address issues like
allowing 1Gb of RAM on the intel machines and restructuring some of
the driver code and layers like SCSI a bit to sort stuff out.


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