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Subject2.0.18 tty bugs
I've been getting a lot of these sorts of messages over the past few days:

Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(4) != #fd's(3) in tty_open
Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(4) != #fd's(3) in release_dev
Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(3) != #fd's(2) in release_dev
Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(2) != #fd's(1) in do_tty_hangup
Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(3) != #fd's(2) in tty_open
Warning: dev (03:b1) tty->count(4) != #fd's(3) in tty_open

Oddly, they seem to all be happening on the same device...ttya1. I don't
know if it's just that ttya1 gets a lot of use or what. I have telnetd
setup to start using tty's at ttya0. Both ttya0 and ttya1 have seen lots
of logins over the past few days.

I plan to upgrade to 2.0.21 maybe it will go away?

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