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SubjectLinux and Apache server-side includes
I run a commercial online web server with Linux and Apache.  I just
discovered that the server-side includes facility of my Apache (1.1.1)
server is not working, whereas some time ago it was working nicely. The two
major changes I've made since SSI was known to be working are upgrading my
Apache web server to v1.1.1 and following the upgrade path from Linux kernel
1.2.13 to 2.0.18, including all the system mods recommended in the Changes
doc. Backing out of the Apache server upgrade has no effect on the problem,
nor does booting from a 1.2.13 kernel. Does anyone know of any problems
with any component in the 2.0.x kernel upgrade process which might interfere
with server-side includes?

Sorry if this is somewhat off topic for this group. I've spent about 6
hours already today trying to troubleshoot the problem with no luck, and can
use any help I can get.

Lindsay Haisley (______)
FMP Computer Services (oo) "The bull /------\/ stops here!"
Austin, Texas, USA / | ||
512-259-1190 * ||---|| * * * * * *
~~ ~~

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