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SubjectRe: Linux forget scsi devices
Randolf Skerka wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a strange Problem with my brandnew CD-Recordable (Philips CDD2000).
> While I burn the Image to the CDR sometimes (every second time) the kernel
> "forget" the CD-Recorder device (it´s no longer listet with
> "cat /proc/scsi/scsi") and the CDR-Disk is unusable.

What SCSI-controller do you have? NCR used (?) to have problems with
What ROM revision do you have. My CDD2000 came with version 1.24 which
had some bugs, you can get at <htt://> a new Flash-rom.
You need a DOS/Windows based ASPI driver for the upgrade.

> - I use xcdroast and/or cdwrite (both have same problems)

xcdroast uses cdwrite, so it would be strange if they didn't have the
same problem.

> Any hinds? Is is a known problem?

I don't have any problems with it though. But maybe my hints help.

Grtx Ronald

Ronald Schalk Interpay Nederland B.V. - Utrecht
tel. 030-2835121 fax. 030-2836080
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