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SubjectLinux won't boot
Hello everybody,

My problem is this: I totally ran out of harddisk, but I only noticed some
programs not working properly. So I rebooted my system, but it didn't come
up again. After going trough the kernel I got a message Root Filesystem
(ext2) mounted readonly. Then I hear harddisk-noises for about half a
second and then my system stopped completely. When I booted from floppy
(slackware rescuedisk) I was able to mount my harddisk, delete some files,
but nothing helped. I checked if the neccesary boot-files (/sbin/init,
various /etc/ files etc.) were present and not corrupted, but nothing
helped. So now I can't boot my system anymore, but I do can access my
harddisk when I boot from floppy.

Any suggestions?


P.S. Maybe this is not the right newsgroup, but the people who read this do
have a lot of knowledge about linux....

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