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SubjectSimilar problem to Re: redirection of READ CAPACITY failed error.
On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Geis Jerry wrote:

> sda READ CAPACITY failed
> status=1 messages=0 host=0 drive=28
> extended sense code=2

I am having a problem with 2.0.20 and 2.0.21 (may be others but I have not
tested as yet) with my NCR53c825 (Tyan S1365) and Seagate wide baracuda.
I am not using the BSD support. It happens with two different S1365 cards
in my P6DOF, but it seems to work OK in my 5X86 system ok. Any ideas?
Very infrequently I can boot from the disk but will get a random fail at
various points. Think the drive could be getting flaky? It did work
before (but with lower level kernels, the last I tested was 1.3.97).

Ed Welbon;

And God said, "let there be linux"
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