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SubjectRe: File in wrong place?

> > I'm using Kernal 2.0.16 and have just applied the patches for .17, .18, .19 & 20 (as root) and now the
> > following files seem to have "appeared" in my root directory, I'm sure they should be in the "linux/"
> > hierarchy somewhere, but where?
[semaphore.? files]
> I've looked at the above, and they contain the i386 and Alpha versions of the file, concated together, so I
> removed the Alpha version from the file and then moved it to the place specified in the header, this seems to
> have worked and now I'm running 2.0.20. Do I need to upgrade something (patch?) so I don't get this in future
> kernels?

Ha! Glad I'm not the only/last one to miss this.

Use "patch -p0" to apply patches, otherwise new files aren't created in
the proper locations...

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