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SubjectNetscape Colormap Warning
> Subject: Re: Problems with Netscape Installation
> Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:13:43 +0000
> From: Morgan Sarges <>
> Organization: Only Under Extreme Protest
> To: "Martin A. Rubio" <>
> References: <>
> Martin A. Rubio wrote:
> >
> > Sorry, I know this is not the place to make this kind of question, but nobody else has been
> > able to answer it.
> > I am installing Netscape Navigator 3.0 beta 5 on my Linux 2.0.0, annd get
> > the following error when I try to run it after installation:
> >
> > Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for default background.
> >
> > I would really thank you if any of you could take 10secs of your time to
> > help me. Again, sorry for sending something out of the line of discussion.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Martin A. Rubio
That particular error message is due to the fact that Netscape
of the same color cells that another program under X is already using.

The fix:

1-When you run netscape, use the -install command line flag, this will
a complete copy of the colormap to netscape, however, your screen will
get an
annoying "pallette flash" or shift when you move the mouse from the
window to somewhere outside or vice versa.

2-Run netscape with the -ncols <N> command line flag, and netscape will
start up
and only use the number of colors you specify with <N> from the

3-Run netscape with the -no-install option, and hope you dont hit lots
graphics intensive pages with zillions of colors.

4-Start your x-server in a different mode to support more (or maybe
less) colors.

Hope this helps,


PS_ Here are all the command line options, in case you ever need em:

-help to show this message.
-version to show the version number and build date.
-display <dpy> to specify the X server to use.
-geometry =WxH+X+Y to position and size the window.
-visual <id-or-number> to use a specific server visual.
-install to install a private colormap.
-no-install to use the default colormap.
-ncols <N> when not using -install, set the maximum
number of colors to allocate for images.
-mono to force 1-bit-deep image display.
-iconic to start up iconified.
-xrm <resource-spec> to set a specific X resource.
-remote <remote-command> to execute a command in an already-running
Netscape process. For more info, see

-id <window-id> the id of an X window to which the
-remote commands should be sent; if unspecified,
the first window found will be used.
-raise whether following -remote commands should
cause the window to raise itself to the top
(this is the default.)
-noraise the opposite of -raise: following -remote
commands will not auto-raise the window.


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