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Subject2.0.20 Shutdown Won't umount
Ever since I upgraded to 2.0.20, and upgraded all the dependencies as
stated in Documentation/Changes, init will not properly halt. No matter
if I do a 'bye' or 'shutdown -h now', the last message I get is:

INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

The disks are never unmounted. The halt never finishes. It hangs, or,
as I like to say, goes off into Na Na Land. Even though I have my
entire file system backed up like a good boy scout, I am worried that I
am causing severe harm to my 1G boot disk. I have to cycle the power on
a mounted ext2 root device. Fsck is finding more and more errors on

And when I try to reboot, either with 'reboot' or 'shutdown -r' or via
Ctrl-Alt-Delete, it restarts X, and gives me a login screen for some
flavor of OpenWindows with which I am not familiar (it does not look
like the olwm I use). It will not reboot.

Thanks for any help,
Scott Miller

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