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Subjectsar: Does something similar exist for Linux

at work I (have to) use Sinix and SCO. There is some kind of system
administrator utility called "sar".

Mostly, it's a daemon loggin in certain intervals the load, idle time,
i/o-activity and swapping-activity. With simple commands, you can ask
for an overday or last minutes statistic or just inspect these parameters
for a short while.

The real use for server machines is that you easily might analyse if
there work cpu performance bottlenecks, memory bottlenecks, etc., in
other words, what to do to increase performance.

Is there any utility like that for Linux? I doubt, especially that it
is named "sar". Could anybody give me a hint?

I don't wanna promise anything, but a confirmation for the non-existance
of such a utility could encourage me to write something like that...


Georg v.Zezschwitz

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