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SubjectKernel panic with 2.0.21 / Advansys SCSI driver / HP 4200i CD writer

Hi Folks.

I have Linux 2.0.21 and a HP SureStore CD-Write 4200i connected to an
SCSI II controller (the one that comes in the package).
I've built the SCSI modules with the following options:
And the SR and SG drivers.

Insmoding scsi_mod goes ok.
Insmoding advansys gives:

tantale kernel: scsi0 : AdvanSys SCSI 1.5: ISA (16 CDB): BIOS D000,
IO 110-11F, IRQ 11, DMA 6
tantale kernel: scsi : 1 host.
tantale kernel: Vendor: HP Model: C4324/C4325 Rev: 1.27
tantale kernel: Type: CD-ROM ANSI
SCSI revision: 02

Which is correct.
Insmoding the sr driver gives:

tantale kernel: Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi0, channel 0, id 2,
lun 0

But whenever I attempt to mount or access (with a cat for example)
the /dev/scd0 device, I get the following panic:

Attempt to allocate device channel 0, target 2, lun 0.
No device found in allocate_device.

I've looked at the code in drivers/scsi/scsi.c which generates the
panic. I found that there were two different versions of this code
switchable by a #if. Both versions give the same result.

Anybody have this behavior ?
Please CC: me when answering, I'm consulting the linux kernel mailing
lists through the archives, and irregularly.


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