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SubjectRe: NCR53C8XX: IRQ blundering
On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Things I turned off are:
> DRAM Speculative Leadoff
> Turn-Around Insertion
> Peer Concurrency
> Chipset Special Features

Ok...I've compiled a few more kernels, played a lot with CMOS settings,
locked up a few more times, and it seems that my problem is that my Tomcat
II just won't run reliably with the BSD NCR driver if I have "Chipset
Special Features" enabled. Other settings don't appear to make a
difference, and I can run with or without CSF with the 53c7,8xx driver
with no problems. Anyone have a clue on this one?

All the manual says is:

Chipset Special Features
When disabled, the chipset behaves as if it were the earlier 430FX
chipset. This option should be enabled for best performance.
The default is enabled

Anyone know what I lose by disabling this option?

I'm going to put it into a kernel compile loop now with 2.0.21-bsd with
CSF disabled and see if it can make it through a hundred or so compiles
while compiling a few other things as well.

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