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SubjectRe: Adobe acrobat (was 2.0.21, Couldn't get a free page)
At 05:47 AM 9/22/96 +1000, you wrote:
>On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Alan Cox wrote:
>> Have Adobe finally got around to a Linux acrobat reader now xpdf is out ?
>Emailed them last last week, got a reply "no reader available, will pass
>your request to development" :(.
This from there web page..

DOWNLOAD Acrobat Reader 3.0 Beta12 for LINUX!
This .tar.gz file is exactly 4085272 bytes

This Reader only works with LINUX 1.2.13 Fall 95 yggbrasil.
Please consult the ReadMe file for known issues.
The installation instructions are included in the .tar file, as the
document INSTGUID.TXT.

Jason Monroe -=- SysAdmin -=- AXI Internet
A.K.A "WonderBoy" IRC "DeadZ0ne"
"Improper planning on your part, does not necessarily
constitute an emergancy on my part."

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