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SubjectRe: rebooting
On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Jason Gauthier wrote:

> Here's a problem that I have had ever since linux 1.1.59, when i started
> two years ago. When i issue a reboot commands (ie: shutdown -rt5 now)
> the mahcine unmounts the filesystems, and then says Done. it halts there
> and never reboots. It's kind of frusterating becuasei can't reboot my
> mqchine remotely, if i need to... It's a run of the mill Intel 486/100
> with 16 meg in it... it's got a WD 540, S3 video card, SB16, and Boca 28.8
> modem. I think that's it... any help is greatly appreciated.. I've asked
> around for a long time with no luck
> Jason

I've seen this problem before.. what I think is wrong with your computer
is your keyboard. Don't laugh, from what I've heard Linux does the reboot
stuff by praying to the keyboard controller to issue an interrupt(or
something like that) - some keyboards just won't do it. Try with another one.

Hope this is it,
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