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SubjectRe: 2.0.21 crashes with ISDN
> In, article <199609202025.WAA00771@wildsau.idv.uni-lin=
> Herbert Rosmanith <> writes:
> >=20
> > without this patch, a frame which is neither 1TR6 nor EDSS1 can
> > a) crash the machine and if it does not b) will be misinterprated
> > by the driver, which is IMO even worse than crashing (the error
> > is more subtle then).
> >=20
> Problem (a) cannot be fixed by checking for non-EDSS1 frames.

so what do you suggest, shall I live with those crashes ?
shall I power on the linux machine only after I've powered
on the PBX ? shall I hope then that no further non-standard
frames will arrive (which I know is not the case.

sure, the problem annot be fixed by a "generally" means. but throwing
away non 1TR6/non EDSS1 frames makes sense. one source of error
removed. as I wrote, the isdn-stack intereprets those non EDSS1
frames as if they were EDSS1. shall it continue
to do so ? I guess not !


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